Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We Did IT!!

I have not competed in a fun run since 2002! I have a couple of friends who enjoy running/marathons/triathlons, who mentioned the Beat Beethoven Fun Run.
I immediately jumped on the opportunity of all of us running together.
It ended up just being 2 of us running, but we had a good time.
We are approaching the finish line in the turqoise and salmon shirts.

Almost done! The boys were cheering Peggy and I on.
"Go Mom Go!"

We got done with our 5K (with one big hill and several littles) in a little over 28 minutes.
Everyone was happy, because Momma did her best :)
So, because I Beat Beethoven I have a free ticket to the symphony! Yipee!


Lindsey said...

That is awesome! Way to go. Someday I will do something like that. It just intimidates me to run one of those things. I am in awe!

Emily Morgan said...

You look great! I never have good running pictures..but you look like a pro! Congratulations again!