Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Fly-In Fishin' Trip

My sister, Christy and brother, Andy came to visit us for a week in June. While they were here we decided to splurge and take them on a "fly-in fishing trip". So the 6 of us boarded this plane and flew for 39 minutes to arrive at Dune Lake.
When we arrived we took all the gear up to the cabin that we would be staying in and then got right to fishing. Kelly was very patient because 5 of us aren't great fishermen.
Here's Christy fishing from the shore in her wader boots.

Christy and Andy fishing together, or maybe we should say they were tangling their lines together.
Dad was teaching his boys the basics.
Chancey and Momma being patient
Before Andy learned to drive his own boat, Kelly took Christy and Andy out on the lake.
The boys and I hung back and played. We made sand castles, and the boys did races into the water to see who could run the furthest without falling.
Both Chance and Hunter ended up in underwear, shirts, and lifejackets.

Andy decided that he should learn to drive a boat, so Kelly gave a brief lesson and then Andy had a BLAST!!! Christy was getting nauseous because Andy was having so much fun.

What a handsome Boat Captain!

Chancey caught one!!!

Nice rainbow trout
Hunter caught a nice rainbow too. I didn't believe him when he had something on the line. I thought for sure it was just a snag of "lake salad".
I was wrong!

Dad giving instructions on how to gut a fish. He forewarned the boys that when they turned 10 they would be taking care of their own fish.
Hunter ate a couple of eggs that fell out of this one.

After a fun day of fishing, this is how we found Hunter sleeping in the morning.
(Perpendicular to the bunk and not in a bag!)

I woke up looking as beautiful as ever.

The morning we left Andy caught his first fish EVER!!!
We left the lake having caught 5 rainbows and 1 silver salmon.
It was a great time, so serene and beautiful. And we didn't see any bears...phew!
The plane came and picked us up around noon. It was warm in there and the ride was a little bumpy. Andy and I were in the very back of the plane where it was the most warm and the most bumpy and we got sick. I was able to hold it together, but Andy had a different story!
I guess and Oreo and a Soda aren't the best combo for a bouncy plane ride.


debbie said...

The cabin on the lake reminds me of our cabin on the lake, although probably a little smaller. I don't love those small planes, but they sure take you to som beautiful country. Thanks for sharing the fishing pictures.

Katie Bell said...

Thanks for posting, I heard everyone had a good time.