Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Queen of Hearts

We've been doing our part to celebrate the
month of LOVE.......

I saw this cute "rocket" valentine on someone's blog.
It is made of rolo's, hershey kisses, foil, red paper, and yellow paper.
EASY!! We will give these to some of the boys good friends
for Valentine's Day.

I saw this cute heart garland idea on Our Best Bites. I had my friend Melanie over and we had a fun afternoon of talking, sewing, and creating.

It maybe is a little "elementary-ish", but it is cute and fun, and perfect for the age groups we have around our house. AND it only took an hour or two to put together!

More Garland!
This idea came from Family Fun Magazine. Chance helped to measure out the yarn in 1 ft sections, and he TRIED to help with the messy part, but he didn't like it cause it was "too sticky". The magazine didn't show to use the hearts as a garland, but I thought it would be a great idea. So, I backed the hearts with some cardstock and then glued the hearts onto some ribbon, and it looks great.

This idea I found on my step-sister Katie's blog she said she got the idea from Better Homes and Gardens. Truthfully, I think I did it how she did, but I didn't look too closely. Either way, I think it was cute and simple-- just my style.
I also used mini hearts as a short garland for my upcoming Enrichment Meeting at Church.
(now known as an Additional Relief Society Meeting)
Last but not least, here is our WALL OF HEARTS which is our yearly tradition.
Everyone fills out a heart that says, "I Love (Dad) because.... Love, (Chance). So everyone fills out four hearts which includes on for themselves saying, "I am loveable because...."
We started this tradition in 2008, so we are up to 64 hearts on our wall this year.
It is a GREAT tradition! It is fun to get the hearts out each year and see what we have said in the past years about eachother. Kelly suggested that we laminate them, so they will hold up for a
LONG time.
These are just some fun ways to make the holiday extra special and extra fun, especially for the kids. It is ALL about the memories.


Katie Bell said...

Fun stuff!

Emily Morgan said...

love all the Valentine fun!

debbie said...

I love the Valentine rocket idea; I wish I had looked at your blog and copied the idea before I sent off my Valentine boxes toe the grandkids. I will try to remember it for next year,although when can I remember something for a whole year!!

Emily said...

Look at you and your crafty self! I must say I so admired the adorable enrichment posters with their cute mini heart garlands and meant to tell you so...I think your valentine's down through the years tradition is and will be the sweetest thing to look through ever. You are one great Momma!