Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh what do you do with a Saturday???

This last week was SUPER busy, and I'm not bragging :) I'm complaining.
I truly don't like to be so busy. I like to have plenty of time to just be at home and hang out with the family. So, after the "busy" week we had a Saturday that Kelly was working and we had ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE TO GO, and NOTHING WE HAD TO DO.
What do you do with such a day?
Well, the boys started the day watching cartoons for an hour, while I exercised and straightened the house a little bit. I happened to be in the room when the boys saw a commercial on how to make a Kai Lan pillow. The boys said they would like to do that, so we changed up the designs (they aren't big into Kai Lan), and made pillows.
Hunter wanted a circle pillow and Chance a heart pillow. I let them choose thier fleece color and then had them sew with me. Then they got to "stuff" thier pillows.
They both decided they wanted zombie type creatures on their pillows. So they each drew out on piece of paper what their zombie should look like and then I helped "design" with the fabric.
They got to do the fabric gluing. They thought it was great!!
Here is Chance with his final product.

Hunter was very specific about colors and shapes of eyes and mouth.

Nice hair! That red stuff....Oh yeah, it is a bloody zombie.

What else did we do with our Saturday? Well, we took pictures of feet,

and crazy boys,

and pictures of ourselves blowing "saliva bubbles"
What a great day!


Emily Morgan said...

Making pillows sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday...once again, my boys are wondering how they ended up with such a lame mom. :)

The Barker Clan said...

You should stop trying to make us all look so bad! On our Saturdays when there is nothing else to do, we watch t.v.! You are so much cooler! I love the new background too :)

Emily said...

You did it, your blog looks terrific! And OH the things your kids say! Hunter should come see our toilets...then again, it would probably be horribly traumatic for him!
You so deserved a big huge day of NOTHING and I'm glad you got it. I agree on the way to busy and not liking it dilemma.
Also, really loved your v-day post. The best part? Chance and Hunter in their wrestling singlets receiving their chocolates!! So randomly funny!
BTW, have you guys gone on your "romantic" date yet? if not, please let us watch your boys one night, so that you can...truly.

debbie said...

I like the "new" look of the blog and the spit bubble picture was great! You need a little girl in your family so you can pass on all your creativity genes properly!