Saturday, February 12, 2011

What we've been up to....

Chancey and his friend Nelson built a fort in the bunk bed and had snacks and read books.
The boys started wrestling, and we all think it is great.
I especially enjoy that I don't have to sit and freeze at "Polar Ice" watching hockey practice.
Chance doesn't particularly like warm-ups, but he knows he has to participate in order to wrestle.

This is Hunter enjoying a computer game so much that he doesn't know that he has
Mint Chocolate Chip icecream dripping down his chin.

Hunter has been taking lots of funny pictures. Here is one of Chance and I being goofy.

We saw a moose right out our front window. In all the commotion of me screaming (happily) to find the camera and get out the front door to take a picture, he got a little further away.

As usual, the boys put together some new costume combos

Chance had an accident. He bit his tongue when he rolled off of his bed(he was supposed to be napping.) was pretty disgusting!

Hunter got to celebrate his 1/2 birthday at preschool (since he has a summer b-day) and it was space day so he got to wear his jammies.

I was a cool mom and let Chance eat macaroni and cheese (leftovers) for breakfast.
The boys both participated in a practice "take-down" tournament.
They all had a great time and everyone got a medal.

My two wrestlers

So far, it has been a pretty good year.


Emily Morgan said...

Chances "accidents" are enough to turn my stomach! You could fill an album with all of his bumps and bruises! :) Looks like a fun 2011...come see us soon!

Emily said...

Oh my word, poor chance and his tongue!!! Yikes!
What strong little wrestlers you have too. Any cauliflower ear yet?! ;0)