Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lots to catch up on, AND being HUGE!!!

For Valentine's Day this year, we kept up with our usual traditions. The house was dressed in hearts of every size, style, and shape. We also did our yearly hearts for each family member and added them to the wall, which is always fun. The boys each got their BIG Hershey kisses from Mom and Dad, and we had a "Valentiney" breakfast of pancakes. I also did personal size heart shaped pizzas for dinner. It was a fun day!
The two little boys I love so much!
Chance enjoys eating- a LOT. He doesn't love the sit down meals though, he much prefers to be a grazer. So, after I force him to eat his breakfast he usually "sneaks" some other type of food. He often asks to dip his finger in the peanut butter, and occasionally I will let him while I'm making Hunter's lunch.
On this day in particular, he didn't ask for any peanut butter but I had left it sitting on the counter while I went and showered. When I came downstairs, this is what I found....
Probably a fourth of the jar had been consumed, and then he wondered why he had a tummy ache later on???
I guess he got his fat and protein in for the day- or for several days.
Hunter had a little loose tooth that I would occasionally check in on. You would imagine as I sneaked a peak in his mouth one day, the surprise I felt when I saw a new tooth growing behind the loose baby tooth. I was excited, and so was he but he wasn't so anxious to pull it out. So, we let it stay in a week or two before I couldn't stand to NOT pull it out. I persuaded poor Hunter that the baby tooth needed to be pulled and that it wouldn't hurt too bad, so he let me do it!
So, we got it out! You can hardly notice that the guy lost a tooth though, because the other one is so big in its place already. It was exciting for Hunter and the tooth fairy gave him a dollar- which was cool too.
Last but not least....I turned 33 yesterday, I also had an "almost 35 weeks along" Dr.'s appt. (This is what I look like) I have been feeling very big, although I'm feeling like I'm not completely disgusting...YET! But, the measurements say I'm measuring a week and a half bigger (she said that could be because of the positioning of baby), but also she did a little impromptu ultra-sound and couldn't find Natalie's head. That maybe sounds a little shocking to have a baby without a head, but don't be scared. I guess her head is down sooo LOOOWWW that she couldn't even get a picture of it.
**This may be my first cone head baby, I'm a little nervous :) **


Emily Morgan said...

I was hoping for some wrestling pictures of the boys. :) But I guess I'll have to make due with pictures of Chance eating from the PB jar...funny. :) You are looking great...not disgusting! Can't wait to meet Natalie Anne this summer.

The Barker Clan said...

You don't look big at all! Your belly is all baby :) She is going to be beautiful, cone head or not!

Sarah Buma said...

Love it! :) You're a beauty!