Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Little Leprechauns

It was spring break week, and we had fun the first couple of days but then we got sick. So, on Friday instead of going to the ice park (as planned) we stayed home and did St. Patrick's Day arts and crafts.
It had been a while since I had done anything super crafty with the boys. I guess just because we have been busy with other things, and Chance is doing "reading lessons" everyday, so it just has become A LOT to do the extras. (For both of us!) AND Hunter is really thinking he is TOO COOL for stuff like that anymore. However, I persuaded them that it would be fun.

I asked the boys to smile for these pictures and this is what I got from them. I guess this is their "happy leprechaun" look. They thought they were funny!
I was so proud of myself because I actually came up with this rainbow project on my own, without any prompting from someone else's blog. (It has been a long time since I've come up with my own ideas!)
I guess it was a mosaic of sorts. I just cut lots of squares of each rainbow color and had them glue the squares on the corresponding color line.
Then we added the cloud and the pot of gold. Taa Daa!
I did get the leprechaun idea from a blog...couldn't tell you where. But the boys had lots of fun with them. The hair was supposed to go all around the face and chin to be a beard too, but neither of them had that in their game plan. I like how Chance (above) put bangs on his guy.
This is Hunter's rainbow (above) and leprechaun (below). It is also fun to see how they did the faces on their leprechauns. Chance's originally didn't have teeth on it, but when he saw what Hunter did- he decided that his needed teeth as well.
We decided after the fact that we really needed a stick on the back so we could have masks.
Turned out pretty cute if you ask me.
On St. Patrick's Day the boys found our "magic treasure box" hidden in Natalie's room full of fun green stuff. They had Green pringles, Green Skittles, Green Wintogreen mints, sugar snap peas, and a big box of Lucky Charms.
Lucky Charms is the breakfast of Champions, and that is what we had.
This is a picture of our annual "green dinner" (these guys can't just smile they have to be goofy. It's fun!) We had broccoli, and ALL GREEN salad (only green veggies in it), and Chicken Pesto Pasta. For dessert we had our Rolo "Pot O' Gold".
Always a fun day for our family!


debbie said...

I got leprechaun pictures of my grandson Lincoln, so it must be a big holiday these days. Love the peanut butter jar picture; reminds me of my kids. Debbie

The Barker Clan said...

So cute! You should start your own blog of crafts and projects. Trenton's teacher did a very similar rainbow project and she found it on one of those really cute blogs that I steal all my ideas from :) You are one of those cute, creative people!

Emily Morgan said...

I love the grumpy leprechauns...can't wait to see them in person!