Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You never know what this kid will say next!

I have had the privilege of staying at home for part of everyday this year ALONE with Chance. He truly is a wild card and you never know what he will say or do. With that being said, I love this guy to pieces and wouldn't trade him for the world. I have a couple of little "stories" that I have to share so that they are documented somewhere for us to remember.

Story #1

Occasionally in the morning instead of putting on exercise clothes, I will just throw on some socks and tennis shoes with my pajamas. On this morning in particular I had on these purple flannel shirt/pant pajamas with bright colorful polka dots all over them. I did my walk on the treadmill and then had a full day planned. I was hosting book group at my house that night and so I had some vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping etc... planned. Rather than get showered and then cleaned I just kept my jammies and tennis shoes on. Chance helped out a little and then played and watched cartoons. After I was done with my work, I needed to get the refreshments made and in the fridge. I invited Chance to come sit on the counter and help me run the kitchen aid mixer and dig out the marshmallow cream for the fruit dip. (He loves to have licks of anything with sugar in it.) So he plopped himself on the counter and he turned the mixer up and down the different speeds, taste tested a little for me, watched me cut up some fruit, etc... We were laughing and talking...then he says to me,
"Women are worthless!"
I laughed to myself a little wondering where that statement would come from. KNOWING that Kelly would never say anything like that- and I replied,
"What? Why would you say that?"
He looks me up and down and says,
"I mean, take a look at yourself!"

I just laughed and laughed.
Of course then I said, "What do you mean, is it because it is after noon and I'm still in my pajamas with my tennis shoes, and I haven't brushed my hair OR teeth.
Chance said, "Ya!"

I had to call Kelly and immediately he was laughing, he asked the same thing I did. "Where did he get that from?"
We've been laughing and joking about it ever since then.

Story #2

We were on our way out the door to go pick up Hunter from school. Chance stepped out into the garage and was hanging onto the door jamb while he reached for his coat. I saw that he was out, and didn't even think to look at his hand and I pulled the door shut. Immediately he is in tears, but then he turns to me and says, "See, I told you you were a bad Mom!"

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