Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun With Grandma Lillian

Grandma Lillian came up for a visit- and we were excited to have her.
She was so much fun and she even walked Hunter to the bus stop on the last day of school.

 Grandma gave Natalie her first doll, and it was a Cabbage Patch doll named Emme Reese.
(I never had a REAL cabbage patch doll, so I was so excited!!!)

After not seeing Grandma for 3 whole years, the boys BOTH warmed up to her rather quickly which was great.  She was very energetic and kept the boys busy with games, stories, and silly tricks.  She was very helpful doing dishes, folding laundry, putting sheets on beds, finishing sewing projects for me and anything else you can think of.
We took her panning for gold and out to Korean food.
Thank you Lillian for being such a great support to our family and loving our kids.

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