Friday, May 4, 2012

We Love Our Geek!

We were blessed to have Marianne aka "Geek" come stay with us after Natalie was born.
We LOVE her so much and appreciate ALL she does for us and the time she spends in Fairbanks even though it isn't her favorite place.
I guess it is a good thing she loves these kids so much or she may never come for a visit!!

She was so sweet with Natalie, and she bonded with her as she gave her "leg massages" at night for some relaxation.  I also have to mention how great she was to do dishes again, and again, and again, and make meals, pack lunches, get Hunter out the door to school, IRON EVERY ITEM OF CLOTHING THAT KELLY EVER WEARS TO WORK, held babies, put up with teasing from all three of the boys in our house, and dealt with ME.  She is awesome!

Cheers to the best Mother in Law ever!!  I couldn't have hand picked a better one for myself!!


Emily said...

Congratulations you guys!! She is so cute. It's funny we just follow your lead with the kids. We are having a little girl in August.

Emily Morgan said...

love the pictures...bummed we won't see her in person soon. :( Keep posting updates so we can watch her grow!