Thursday, May 3, 2012

Natalie Anne is Here!

The day of April 4th was just a normal day at home.  Kelly was off of work, we did chores around the house, I made dinner and stuck it in the fridge so it would be ready when we came home from wrestling, and then I took an evening "nap".  Well, my nap was pretty lame because I had so much pressure (which I had had quite a bit of for the last several weeks) in my abdomen- I must have fallen asleep for a minute or two because I was laying in a puddle of  drool.
I looked at the clock and if I was going to go to wrestling with the boys and Kelly I needed to hop into the shower.  So, I willed myself out of bed and into the warm shower- which felt nice.  Then I got myself ready in a hurry and into the truck.  As I got into the truck, I thought, "this pressure is pretty intense, maybe I should take my hospital bag just in case."  So, I went ahead and grabbed it and put it into the truck.  By the time we got to wrestling I was thinking that I may be having contractions, but I also thought they could be Braxton-Hicks- you just never know....
We piled out of the truck and into wrestling practice where I sat on the bench next to my friend Mandi, whose husband Mike told me that I looked VERY PREGNANT today.  I just smiled as I proceeded through another bout of pressure and minor pain.  As the hour practice went on Mandi and I talked and Kelly kept rubbing my back and asking if I thought they were REAL contractions.  I still really wasn't sure- they were enough to take my breath away, and to make me stop talking for a minute but then I was fine. 

As we were leaving practice- the pains were about 4-6 minutes apart.  We were still up in the air about whether or not to go to the hospital. I didn't want to get there and have them tell me to go home- or tell me I was a 2 and then be there for a million hours.  Besides that, I was HUNGRY!!!  So as we were pulling out of wrestling we were trying to decide what to do.  Ultimately I decided that I didn't want to get all the way home and then have to turn around and drive back into town.  So we rolled the dice and went to the hospital.

I felt pretty silly going into the hospital, like I was faking labor or something.  I think it is because I was pretty calm and not in too much pain.  Anyhow, the believed me and admitted me.  Then of course they checked to see how far dilated I was.  I was an 8!!! So, I was relieved that I didn't look like an idiot and I WAS in labor :)
*As you might note, the boys are still with us in the delivery room- we called our friend Melanie and her husband and they came and picked the boys up right before the Dr. broke my water.

The Dr. broke my water and said she wanted to give me a few minutes to let the baby come down a little further, so I stood up and walked around the room and had my contractions standing up.  This lasted 15 minutes or so and then I told the nurse I was ready to push.  Dr. Hogensen came in and we started to push.  Apparently I forgot how to push because the first push was a waste of time and I was pretty embarrassed by my "lazy push"  the Dr. reminded me to keep on pushing with the next contraction- so I did.  All in all, I went through for contractions of pushing and she was out!  There was some meconium in the amniotic fluid so I didn't get to hold her for a few minutes, but she came out screaming and healthy.
It is so fun to have a baby again (minus the exhaustion), she is really sweet and we love her to pieces.
Natalie Anne
April 4, 2012
8:56 pm
8 lbs 3 oz
21 inches

Big Brother Chance
Loves her more by the minute and can't get enough hugs and kisses
                                                                       Big Brother Hunter
                                                       Loves to snuggle her, hates when she cries
                                                            Our Bigger Happier Family
                                                          Good work Mom and Dad!


debbie said...

Just back from our quick funeral trip and thought I would do a review of blogs I missed. Happy to see your beautiful family. Trying to stay awake for another hour; don't think I will make it though... Hugs and kisses to all!

Jamie Hatch said...

Tami, that is the best labor I've every read about, amazing! Congratulations! She is beautiful, you'll love having a little girl, they are so much fun!

mroberts_8 said...

Glad I was able to be with you and help you get through your labor Tammy! :)