Sunday, September 9, 2012

5 Months Old!!!

Natalie is officially 5 months old, and boy is she FUN!!

 She is ALMOST sitting up on her own
 She loves to laugh, especially when she gets tickled or when brothers bark like dogs or snort like piggies.
 Her face lights up with joy when she sees someone she loves.  When Kelly gets home from work- she is so happy and smiley to see him.
 She has started spending more time with her feet up in the air and checking them out.  Although, she has her father's flexibility (hardly any), she gives it a good try.  She also is mimicking any mouth noises that we make in front of her.
 She has explained to us that she is taking her time growing her hair out-- we are all becoming impatient with the process :)
 The boys love to be close to her anytime they can.
 We have had our first frost in the garden, so all the vegetables have now come inside.  We found a cabbage that is just the right size for Natalie!  It was funny to watch her with it.
 She is eating "real" foods now.  She LOVES peaches, squash, and bananas.
She also loves doing laundry with her Momma!

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