Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Day of School 2012

School has begun and now Hunter is in 1st Grade.  He LOVES it!!
His teacher is Mrs. Brehmer, she is great- and appreciates Hunter's enthusiastic attitude about learning.
 Hunter says his favorite things about school are the people in his class, and art.
His teacher has figured out that Hunter needs some extra challenging spelling and reading projects.  Some of his spelling words last week were "strategy", "solution", "nearby", and "fright".  These aren't the typical 1st grade words, but he still gets 100%.
 Chance started preschool 11/2 weeks after Hunter started school and he was just chomping at the bit waiting for his first day.  He was so excited to get to go to preschool. He was pretending to be nervous, but we could tell he was just ready to start.
 Here he is standing in front of the preschool.  When we went inside Kelly and I helped him unload his stuff and get settled and then he asked us to leave.  Chance ran off to play as we began talking to a friend, and then he came back again and told us we needed to leave.  I guess he was ready to be on his own.
It is fun to see them grow and learn and gain a little more independence.
But as with anything, it is a little bitter-sweet.

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