Saturday, September 1, 2012

Alaska Sea Life Center

Part of our family vacation this summer included a trip to the Sea Life Center in Seward.  It was really awesome, and really the only thing we found that we loved about Seward.
The boys even discovered that they should be boat captains, with Uncle James as a deck mate.
 Two Cool Guys

 This big sea lion was so cool to look at, we stood outside for quite awhile to watch him.  We kept thinking he would flip himself down into the water, but he didn't.
The funniest thing about this guy was the noises he made.  Hunter started mimicking him, and about that time some cute little grandma came out with her grand daughter.  The lady hear the sounds and said, "Oh Rosie, listen to that!  The Sea Lion is saying hello and talking to you!"  It was actually still Hunter making the sounds, and not the sea lion at all.  It was so funny, but we didn't say anything.
It is still making us laugh!
 They had these really cool tanks with sea anenomes , urchins, sea stars etc... that you could touch.  The boys both thought it was great.
 The boys both DARED me to touch a few things.
(I don't like to touch creatures)
I DID it because I wanted them to know that I can do hard things that make me want to throw up.
(It wasn't as bad as I thought)
 The Sea Lion finally got in the water and it was fun to watch him swim all over the place.
While Seward isn't our favorite Alaskan spot, I would love to go back to the Sea Life Center again.

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