Monday, February 16, 2009

A Lovely Day to Remember

Our Valentines Day celebration began a little early this year. We had a primary activity day that Hunter and I needed to be at on Valentines morning. Because I knew Kelly wouldn't want to wake up early to eat breakfast together, we did Valentines breakfast for dinner the night before. It was lovely! Kelly brought home a beautiful bouqet of purple, pink, and white tulips (my favorite). I had the table decorated with Valentines placemats which Hunter thought were so cool, and then the boys each had red cups.

I am a waffle girl, so I made pink/red waffles and then used my favorite heart shaped cookie cutters to make them fun. I also sliced strawberries, I think they kind of look like hearts, and they added to the presentation.
We also had bacon (not pictured, due to lack of "Valentinedness" :))
The actual Valentines Day was especially fun. I got to have the morning with Hunter at his first primary activity day. Then we came home to a fun surprise! Kelly had set up a Valentines Day treasure hunt for the boys and I. Each clue had a fun memory or funny story of from our almost 7 years of marriage. I got lots of little gifts such as some new shower loofahs, a free pedicure from Kelly, some new pedicure scrub and pumice stone, chocolates, chapsticks, mascara, and the sweetest card with 3 pages of writing in it. I laughed and cried all the way through. Kelly is so thoughtful that way.
Next on our agenda was to go to the public library for a free concert. The 9th Army Brass Quintet played. Hunter LOVES the trumpet and trombone, so we figured it would be fun for all, and it was.
Now for the DATE, woo hoo!! I LOVE DATES!! We got a babysitter, went for a nice dinner where we held hands and took our time eating and talking, went to a movie, came home, took babysitter home, put on some Kenny G and ....
It is so nice to live in a town where we can have a babysitter and actually go do something fun.

Anyway, it was a lovely day to share our love. Hope yours was just as good.

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