Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gone Campin'

I have to start my blog with this picture even though it happened at the END
of our camping trip after we got home.
Chance is not really peeing, seeing that he isn't potty trained.
Maybe he is thinking that it would be very cool to pee outside though.
We hadn't officially gone camping this year, so we decided we needed to hurry and do it because our summer is quickly going to turn to fall.
We saw some wildlife on our trip, and Chance seemed to think this one was the most scary.

It was so funny to see him so terrified. I guess we must tell too many scary bear stories at our house.

Kelly was our camp cook. The most I ever had to do for meal prep. was boil some water.
Now that is AWESOME!!
Thanks Kel!

This was a beautiful SHALLOW lake that we camped next to, which had no fish in it.
But we did go wade in it and fill up our squirt guns.

Chance really would be outside full time if we would let him.
Brace yourselves because I am about to reveal a fun camping activity.
I drew faces, monsters, houses, people, animals and lakes on rocks and the boys
thought they had died and gone to heaven. They played with these for hours.
Kelly asked, "Why do we buy toys???"

Little Camper

He really was playing with his shadow. It was fun to watch him trying to figure it out.

Hunter was our camp musician. He got a recorder for his birthday from his friend Maren, and he really had us rockin' out to some crazy campin' tunes.

The dirty camping faces that only a mother could love.
They are so dirty, but so cute!

Hunter discovered a great love of photography while we were in the wilderness. He took LOTS of pictures.
(Another face only a mother could love.)

This is a lovely picture of the truck taken by Hunter.

Candid shot of his brother

The beautiful view

A happy Dad

We saw this caribou as we were driving out of our camping area

We had a fun time together as a family. We spent time laughing, picking berries, relaxing, telling stories, singing, and staying warm by the campfire. What a great time!

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Sarah Buma said...

I'm glad you had so much fun! There are some hum-dingers on this post!! Truth be told...does Daddy know you're posting pee pictures. Oh, my! I got the news today about Anne, and I will talk to you about it when I come visit. For that reason-- I'm so glad you guys are living life to the fullest! So fun.