Thursday, August 13, 2009

And you thought Alaskans were WEIRD!?!

I admit that I knew Alaskans and had Canadian roomates who were completely weird.
I think about those people often and now wonder if we are the weirdos :)

Gardening in our underwear, ankle socks, and tennis shoes with a plastic spoon.

Constructing with a pee diaper, NO socks, and crazy crooked goggles.

We might be weird, crazy Alaskans, but we sure do have fun!!!


dustemhenderson said...

We are all weird in our own way :). I love the pictures!

Christy briner said...

We still love those little boys, what classic pictures!

Debra said...

You are so very brave to put pictures that show how weird your family can become when living in Alaska on your blog! We try to only view ours in the pirvacy of our own home, so we don't get carted off to the looney bin. What fun kids you have.

Sarah Buma said...

Classic! You'll always cherish that's not unique to Alaska; that's what childhood is all about.