Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday Fun With a Few Friends

On August 1st, we had a friend party for the boys at one of our favorite places...
Gym Inc.
All we had to do was invite the friends, and bring the cake and ice cream!
Chance had a really hard time deciding between a baseball cake, or a hockey cake, but ultimately ended up with an LA Dodgers Baseball cake.
He was pretty excited about it!
Hunter went with a Batman cake. He really wanted a cake with Batman's face and Batmobile on it, but we were able to help him settle for the Batman symbol...thank goodness!
We invited 8 friends, and as soon as they started arriving, we all started

The zip line was the most popular. Hunter and several others really got into character.
He was always, Batman or Spiderman.
Look at that form!

This is our friend Maren jumping off the vault into the super padded pit.

Saige landing her jump.

We could hardly believe that Chance was strong enough to hang on and go for a ride, but he LOVED it and did it again and again.

This is Ali and her cool pink motorcycle.

Adrian riding the zipline.

Adrian's little brother Bodey
(I love his hair)

Hunter's friend Marshall from church.

Hunter Carson, Kelly, and Chance on the alligator teeter-totter.
Kelly got right into playing with the kids, in fact he was sweating by the end.

Bennett and his Dad Abe.
Bennett just woke up from a nap and wasn't too sure about the whole thing.

Hunter rolling someone around.

Hunter Carson loved the car!!

Time for Cake!!!
Notice Chance just stuck his hand, and then his fork right into the cake.
In picture clockwise: Bennett, Chance, Ali, Hunter, Jensen, Saige

Maybe he thought that the traditional 1st birthday "get the cake" idea should be carried through every year.

Hunter and his good buddy Jensen waiting patiently for cake.

"I'm ready to keep eating and they lit the cake on fire....I'm mad!"

Blow out all 4 candles Hunter!

He did it again!!! Well, we all knew Chancey had good lungs anyway!

Well, it was a fun day for everyone, turning 2 and 4 isn't so bad.
I think we will go ahead and let them turn 3 and 5 next year, only next time it will be
Disneyland style! YIPEE!!!

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