Monday, June 11, 2012

Kindergarten Program

Rather than a Kindergarten graduation- Hunter's school just does a program.  If you look really hard, he is in the back row on the left in a black polo shirt.
Hunter loves to sing and did a good job knowing all of the songs.
(He does like to act like he is too cool for them though!)

Hunter was given one of just a few speaking parts in the program.  He got to introduce a song called GRIZZLY BEAR.
He said, "Grizzly Bear is a song we love.  It tells of what will happen if you waken a sleeping Grizzly...He gets very mad!!!"
He did a great job on his part and was very animated and had just the right voice.
We are proud of Hunter and his completion of Kindergarten.
It is fun to watch him learn and grow.

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Emily Morgan said...

programs are the best! it's so fun to watch them perform...