Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Aunt Valerie (my mom's sister) came for a visit.  She was excited to see my sweet little girl and my boys who she hasn't seen for 3 years.
The boys had fun with her and they played games, and talked lots!
She even babysat one night while Kelly and I went out for our 10 year anniversary.
 Valerie wasn't too sure about our cool weather and mosquitoes, but she made it through her visit alive.
 Natalie seemed to enjoy the extra person in our house to keep her entertained, happy, and sleeping well.
Natalie made it through Valerie's pacifier and carseat training.
(She's doing better with both these days)
A sweet big brother!


Emily said...

Goll-you HAVE been posting, I'm sorry I didn't check in sooner! yes, chances old man doo is seriously hilarious! I'm so glad he let you take his picture, despite being angry. can you imagine what it would look like if he kept it and grew it out?! old man mullet-barf! natalie is so cute, of course she'd be smiling now and usually when I've seen her she's been asleep and so I hadn't even thought about it, but her smiling pictures are so sweet. They're all growing right up aren't they?!

Emily said...

Your baby girl is so cute! Thanks for the laugh sharing Chance's haircut. Kids make life so much more entertaining and fun don't they?!