Monday, June 11, 2012

Old Man Doo

It was the boys' haircut day and Hunter had previously had a mohawk for ONE WEEK just for fun.  Chance opted for just a regular haircut that day because he doesn't care for the mohawk look.  The following Saturday Hunter had to get his mohawk shaved off for church and his cut was going to be a short "buzz cut".  Chance decided that a buzz sounded good for the summer so he lined up for a haircut from Dad.
Apparently, as Kelly was cutting Chance's hair he had a GENIUS idea to give him an "old man doo".  So he did!  He shaved the top off and left the sides on.  We haven't laughed so hard in a LONG time.  I was drooling because I was laughing so hard.  Hunter was crying from the shower because he was laughing so hard.  Kelly was on the floor with his knees pulled up to his chest laughing so hard-- and Chance was jumping on top of Kelly fuming mad yelling that he wanted a different haircut.
It was GREAT!!
As you can see, it was a lovely haircut!

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Jamie Hatch said...

too awesome! today is haircut day at our house, I might have to cut a bald patch or two! too fun!