Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.....and Some Sugar Cookies

A couple of days before Christmas, we decided we needed to keep up Kelly's family tradition of decorating sugar cookies. We don't really know anyone to give them to this year, so I only made one batch and rolled them thick, like Kelly likes.
The picture below shows the cookies that Hunter decorated. Notice how close he poured the sprinkles onto the cookies. He was so funny, and knew what a great cookie artist he was.
I knew I sure didn't need one more sweet treat in the house to tempt me, so I did send all of the cookies that I decorated with Kelly to work. We enjoyed Hunter's extra sweet cookies at home!
The boys after eating a few too many cookies

Christmas Crab on Christmas Eve
Once Kelly and I started doing Christmas on our own, we decided we would do crab legs for our big Christmas Eve dinner. We figure we just had turkey for Thanksgiving, and Kelly always tells me that he doesn't enjoy "swine", so no ham. Crab is perfect!! I love making this dinner too. All we do is a salad, sourdough bread, melted butter for dipping, steam the crab, and non-alcoholic strawberry daquiri's. How easy can it get?

Chancey enjoying some "king crab"

Sourdough bread...yummy! Hunter normally eats around 3 lbs of crab legs by himself, but he went a little light on Christmas eve.

Christmas Eve Family Picture
We always look forward to a new pair ofhomemade jammies from Grandpa and Grandma Briner to open on Christmas Eve

What is it???


I have a hard time getting Hunter to smile "normal" for a picture these days :)

Christmas Morning
I love having children on Christmas morning. It is so fun to watch their faces and all the excitement. I love that they are so full of joy.

This is Chance playing with Hunter's new "Toy Danger" Hunter was so sweet to let him try it out.

Santa left Hunter several "Justice League" action figures.

Chance and Daddy enjoying an Animal Kingdom Book

Chancey got a Puppy from Gee Gee and Grandpa McGee
name of puppy still undetermined. (Possibly Chena)

Momma McGee and her boys.
(Minus make-up and hair-do)
Chance is sporting red candy cane slobber, and Hunter is sporting blue M&M's dye on his chapped lips :)

Christmas was a blast! Low stress- and very enjoyable. The boys have been so fun, and so grateful for all of their gifts. Hunter opened one of his presents and said, "Mom, this is sooo wonderful!" We also opened a box that we got from the post office that had presents in it from Aunt Valerie, and Hunter said, "Mom, Aunt Valerie is such a nice girl!" I love that my boys are able to show gratitude, because we are so blessed.


dustemhenderson said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas! What a nice Christmas eve dinner. It's a great idea to make it something special so you can look forward to it. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Bobbi Phillips said...

Your Christmas Eve dinner sounds yummy. Glad you all had a great Christmas. Looks like your boys LOVED it. Hope your New Years was just as great!!