Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Beginning to LOOK a Lot Like Christmas!

Our first year of marriage is the only time that we have had a real tree, and that was 6 years ago. It was also a teeny tiny tree that we may have "pirated" from somewhere in Idaho. We also cut that little tree down with a hammer, because we didn't have a saw. That little tree had a tin can for a tree holder/water feeder from our food storage.

This year we have our first semi-big real tree. We were going to cut one down legally this year, but we got like a zillion feet of snow the day before. So, we settled and purchased a tree from Home Depot. It is a decent tree, and Hunter named it Haunch. (Not sure where the name came from??

When we were speaking to the lady at Home Depot, she asked if we had a tree holder, we of course didn't, and then she told us that all of Fairbanks is completely sold out of tree holders. So, we were going to have to be creative. And we were!!

Good thing Kelly is an Eagle Scout, because he had to tie some good knots and use a hammer for this one.

We upgraded from the tin food storage can to an orange Home Depot Bucket and some cut 2x4 pieces nailed together. Next year we will buy a tree holder early :)

After Dad was done hanging the lights and tying the tree down, we all enjoyed some traditional McGee Family Amy Grant Christmas music, and decorating the Christmas tree.
Hunter was a pretty good little decorator, and enjoyed seeing what the fun ornaments were.

Chancey had fun too- he has a runny nose in this picture, but also has eggnog on his face.
Chance mostly enjoyed taking ornaments off the tree, but he did like to see the Santa, Angel, and Gingerbread ornaments. (Anything with a face).

This is our final product of a tree. I did put a red "tree skirt" around the Home Depot bucket, so it looks a little nicer. We won't put presents out until Christmas Eve, due to some early openings last year by Hunter. (I will share that story later)

The boys are showing their "2008" ornaments that they chose. A Train and a Moose.
Chance got hot dancing and decorating, and he's not a fan of being held...especially by Hunter!
Gosh...they make me laugh!
We ended our night with eggnog, ginger cookies, and a reading of "Noel".
It was a fun night!

Here is our make-shift wall of cards. I just taped the cards onto this picture at the hotel. It works well!

A few days before, I let Hunter decorate a little fake tree. He chose red lights from the store and then I just used some other ornaments that I had. He enjoys having a tree that he did by himself.

I love this stocking holder! I made it at a girls house who does vinyl lettering as a business.
There are 6 nails, so that we all have a spot for our stockings.
(No announcements...just for future reference.)

I love this sign given to us last year by Kelly's sister. It sums up Christmas.
May we remember Christ our Savior who has given us the greatest gift of all.
Merry Christmas

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Bobbi Phillips said...

Very cute. Todd and I didn't put up a tree this year. With just moving in and unpacking putting up the tree was the last thing on my mind. Plus we are in Boise for Christmas so I didn't see the point in putting up a tree for 1 1/2 weeks.
Pretty creative on kelly's part. Your tree looks great. Hope you have a great Chritmas.