Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Trip to North Pole, Alaska to see Santa and Mrs. Clause

On Saturday, we decided it was time to go see Santa at his house in North Pole. As you can imagine, the boys were VERY excited about our little adventure.

So, we loaded up the car and before we knew it, Hunter said he was feeling a little sleepy. I told him he could take a quick nap and that I promised I would wake him up when we got there.
(The drive to North Pole from Fairbanks is only 15 minutes.)

When we got to "The Santa Clause House" at 2:30 wouldn't you know it, but Santa was at lunch. I thought maybe 12-1 or 1-2, but 2-3....honestly??? So we took our number and decided to go for a little drive down the road to a place called the "Knotty Shop" where they have lots of cool things made out of the wood with knots in it. They also have several other things, so we had fun walking around there. We drove back to Santa's house and our number was up, we were just in time. Hunter went up to Santa no problem!!! Santa said, "How are you doing little boy?" and Hunter replied, as he pointed his finger at Santa, "Well.....I want to get a toy from you!" (In a very matter of fact way) Santa asked him what kind of toy he wanted and Hunter said, "I want a "danger" not a real danger like dad's, but a toy one." He asked for a "Toy Danger" (a toy gun), and a Justice League video. He had several other things on his list, but must have been a little nervous. He was really cute with Santa and smiled for the picture :)

Then it was Chancey's turn......need I say more???

Chance did like Santa for about 10 seconds or so, but then it turned into an, "Oh my goodness, this guy is hairier than my Daddy!!!"

After we saw Santa we let the boys each choose a Christmas Ornament in memory of 2008. (The Santa House is a Christmas Mega store with ornaments galore, and all sorts of Christmas decor. I believe it is open year round.) Hunter chose a train, and Chance chose a moose, with the help of Dad.

We decided that we would top off our trip to the Santa house with some Hot Chocolate. Here are the boys waiting for some delicious cocoa.

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