Friday, December 5, 2008

Growing Up

Let me start by saying how I love my little Chance. He is so sweet when he wants to be, but tends to be what I would call "disgruntled". Kelly and I have a really hard time figuring this little guy out. But, we have figured one thing out....
The guy wants to feed himself, or at least think he is!

We had a late lunch one day, but I needed to feed the boys something before they went to bed, so we voted on oatmeal. I thought it would be warm, yummy, and stick to their ribs. So, we sat down to eat and I knew Chance was hungry, but I would get a bite in his mouth and then he would get a little disgruntled. Finally I said to Kelly, "What am I going to do with this guy?" Kelly said, "Let him feed himself."

So, we gave it a shot....He LOVED IT! I guess I forget he is growing up and I don't need to do everything for him. The kid needs his independence. are the results:

Oatmeal anyone????

NOTE: I finally found the child size spoons/forks for him in the boxes the day after we tried this

He ate quite a bit, but I think his socks and the floor had a little more. Let's just say that I had to let the oatmeal dry before I could vacuum :)


So, we ended the night with a bath..which he loves.

He can't get enough of the bubbles.
Who couldn't love this cute boy!

Since these pictures were taken, he has done much better about getting the food in his mouth, which I am thankful for. He does seem a little more content at mealtimes, maybe someday we will really figure him out.


Bobbi Phillips said...

That's so funny, Kinzi is the EXACT same way when she's finished eating...sometimes it's easier to feed them yourself but she won't even open her mouth when I try to feed her now. I just have to plan around her eating so when she's done I can give her a bath.
Our new address is 963 N Hillingdon Court North Salt Lake UT 84054.

dustemhenderson said...

Toddlers are messy--that's for sure. But sooooo cute too!

Here's the carmel corn recipe that I love:
First pop your popcorn. I just use the microwave kind and it usually takes about 6 bags (sometimes seven if the bags don't pop well).
1 c. white karo syrup
2 c. brown sugar
1 cube butter
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Combine the syrup and butter and bring to a rolling boil. Stirring, cook for 3 minutes. Add butter and sweetened condensed milk and cook for another three minutes. Pour over popcorn and mix. This will make a lot of popcorn!!!

I usually cut this down by 1/3 for our little family. I use 2-3 bags popcorn, 1/3 c. white corn syrup, 2/3 c. brown sugar, 1/3 cube of butter and 1/3 a can of sweetened condensed milk. It is so yummy!!!

Chad, Shannon and the boys said...

It gets to a point where it's hard to feed them, but then when you let them feed themselves you end up working hard with the clean up afterwards. :-)

Sarah said...

Hi Tammy. We got your christmas card the other day. Your family is so darling! I hope you don't mind that we put a link to your blog on our blog. It will be fun to keep in touch.

seleste said...

Looks familiar! It's a wonder the kiddos gain any weight when the food doesn't seem to make it to their mouths...

melissa said...

hi kelly and tami happy holidays from the whaley family. you might not know the last name its melissa.
your boys are getting so big. happy holidays