Monday, November 17, 2008

Camping and Digging....What happened to my house????

Hunter and Chance have picked up new hobbies since we've moved to Fairbanks. Hunter is really, really into camping and Chance likes to dig. You might be thinking, it is too cold to be outside doing either of those things in Alaska right now, and you would be right. However, this is indoor camping and digging.

Hunter loves to find a laundry basket or a rubbermaid tote and fill it up with our toy containers, any loose toys, shoes, coats, hats, EVERYTHING from his dresser drawers, boots, and an occasional cookie, cracker, or fruit snack. It is a big part of his day! So, he fills up the container and pushes, pulls, and tugs it into his bedroom or on the living room couch and unloads everything there. Then we all like to go and read stories in the "tent" and pretend to have a picnic, and tell stories around the campfire. It is usually pretty fun, but such a pain to pick everything up and put it away, but they are only little once!
The picture of Hunter's camping trip is a couch camping trip, I didn't think to take the opportunity to capture one of the bedroom camping trips on the camera.

Don't Mess With IT!
*After the couch looked like this for two days Kelly was looking for something and asked me if I had seen it while I was organizing stuff on the couch???? I guess he forgot that Hunter LOVES his camping trips*

Now for the DIGGING! Little Chance loves to dig everything out of closets, drawers, toilets, bags, whatever he can find. This day was a crazy day because Hunter was camping at the same time that Chance was digging, but they were happy. So Chance just likes to make sure that everything is off of the closet floor (mostly shoes) and then he wants to put them all on and walk in around in them. He usually ends up getting frustrated and throwing himself on the floor because he can't keep the shoes on longer than two steps.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

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