Tuesday, November 11, 2008

History DOES Repeat Itself

Professor Peabody says, "History Does Repeat Itself!"

We have all heard the saying, "History repeats itself." I have seen this many times over in instances of the world and the nation we live in. However, this time around...I find myself in the middle of it. No, I am not going to get into politics with you...I am not that type. I simply am finding myself living in college type housing AGAIN!!!!
Part of Kelly's sign on/moving package was that we got FOUR months of free housing. Mind you, that is probably a good $8000.00 in Alaska with utilities included...so it is really a SWEET deal for us. But it does make us laugh because we own a BEAUTIFUL home in Bethel, and now we are living the college dream again...only this time with two children :)

So, here are some pictures of our lovely home in Wedgewood "Resort"

Living Room
(Mind you, NONE of the furniture or wall hangings belong to the McGee Family)

Itty Bitty Kitchen

Dining Room/Storage Unit
(This area was big enough that we could scoot the table forward and put ALL that we own in this little area and the closets.)


Master Bedroom
(Notice the second bed with the hotel style comforter on top. I did decide to put our comforters and blankets on the beds to make it feel a little more like home. Also, who knows what kind of things are on the hotel bedding...they NEVER change them!)

Chance and Hunter's room
(Yes, Chance sleeps in a pack 'n' play..we sold the crib and he will go in a toddler bed in January when we find a house.)

So, as you can see, we are a little cramped/cluttered and all over the place here, but it is FREE!!! And we are GRATEFUL (we just have to remind ourselves often).

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