Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Little "Chancey"

I thought everyone might enjoy learning about our little "Chancey"

Chancey LOVES to color! We went to the library and after story time they did a little craft. Hunter doesn't like coloring very much, so I usually just sit for two minutes while Hunter kinda colors in his picture, but I wasn't going to get away with that this time. Chance wanted a kitty picture!! So, I gave him one! He wanted to try to color with every crayon he could get his hands on. He loved it!

During Halloween time I discovered that Chancey loves to look at his artwork, and show his pride for his creativity. So, we started hanging his pictures on the wall in the dining room that is closest to his chair. At each meal he points to his artwork and we all clap and cheer. He loves to bask in all the glory. He then proceeds to meow like the kitty in the picture. It is so funny..I'm not kidding EVERY meal!

Chance generally sports a slimey t-shirt due to a lack of "drool control"

This is Chance after his shower with Daddy. Kelly always sends him out of the bathroom with his towel wrapped around his waist, like a little man. It makes me laugh!

On this particular occasion, he Pee-peed in the towel
(notice the dark circle)

Our little Chance LOVES to eat!!! He also loves to throw his food on the floor for an after mealtime snack. A.K.A. Floor Jerky

Chance also loves to climb things and be up high.

Last but not least, he loves BASKETS! If he can sit in it, he will.

Chance is such a fun little guy to have around our house. He constantly makes us laugh with his silly dances, silly faces, silly "stories" that he tries to tell, and we love his hugs around our legs when we least expect them.

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The Barker Clan said...

Your boys are wonderful! We have missed having friends come with us to story time! Keep up the good work. You deserve some credit for how well your boys have turned out :)