Monday, November 17, 2008

Hunter's First "Swimmin Blessin"

Go Hunter Go!
It was an exciting day at our house today. We were all anxiously anticipating 5:00 pm to roll around for Hunters first swimming lesson. It has been all the word around our house since a week or so ago when we enrolled for the 3-5 year old class at the Hamme Pool. I love to talk about it with Hunter because he always calls it "swimmin blessins". (Blessin is confused with blessings for dinner prayer, but it is so cute we haven't bothered him much about it.)

On the way to the pool Hunter had some special music requests so he could get ready for the fun that was about ready to happen. We got to the pool and stripped down and then I took him through the girls locker room with my hand over his eyes to lead him to the shower. We got him wet and then the poor boy froze until his teacher got out to the mat where they were supposed to meet. I was a little nervous about what the teacher would be like. Hunter was hoping it would be a male teacher, and I was keeping my fingers crossed that it was a guy too so Hunter wouldn't be disappointed. Well, it was our lucky day. Mr. Mark is Hunter's teacher, he is probably 60 years old and as funny and as energetic as can be. Kelly said he thought that he sounded like teacher on Finding Nemo, he was really a lot of fun!

This was Hunter's first organized class of any type, but he did well. He isn't super aggressive about keeping his place in line, but he'll get it figured out. He seemed to enjoy the teacher, kids, and the water. He didn't drink or inhale any water like a couple of other kids did, but he did hit his head pretty hard when he was coming out of the pool. He climbed up the steps and then stood up and hit the railing really hard. I was crossing my fingers that he wouldn't cry, but he did. Even though he was crying he found it in himself to say, "Thanks, Mr. Mark". I think he is looking forward to more fun in the pool!

Our Proud Little Swimmer

Practicing his jog and walk in the water

Landing his jump to Mr. Mark
Mr. Mark told Hunter that he thought he had wings because he could jump so high. Hunter was pretty impressed by that.

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The Stoker Family said...

That's so fun he can take swimming lessons in the winter.