Monday, November 24, 2008

Triangle, Square, Rectangle, or Circle????

Once or twice a week the boys and I go walking at the Big Dipper Ice Arena. They have big hallways above the ice rink that you can run/walk around. Last Wednesday we went walking after lunch. We just did our usual walk with the double stroller, and Hunter running most of the time. We keep a pretty good pace, but there was this guy that was the "KING OF SPEEDWALKING". In fact, this guy lapped us several times while we were there.
This is the conversation that followed
Hunter: Why is that guy walking so fast?
Momma: He is in good shape?
Hunter: Oh!?!
(Time passes and he laps us again)
Hunter: What is good shape?
Momma: When you can run or walk really fast
(Time passes and he laps us again)
Hunter: What is good shape?
Momma: It means he has good muscles, and heart and lungs, so he can go fast without getting tired.
(Time passes and he laps us yet again)
Hunter: What is good shape?
Momma: Hunter, I already told you! It means you can exercise really well!
Hunter: Momma, what is good shape like circle, square, rectangle, triangle?
Momma: Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!! (Lights go off and I start laughing)
**The whole conversation, Hunter has been wondering what the best shape is. And he HAD been saying, "What is A good shape the whole time." I'm sure he was wondering why my answers were so off the wall.***
By the time I finally understood Hunter, the "KING OF SPEEDWALKING" was already long gone around the track, but Hunter was still talking about him. However, there was a guy in front of us who was a little chubby and Hunter said, "What shape is he?" Well, the actual shape I would have chosen was a circle, but I couldn't say that. So, the conversation went like this...
Hunter: Momma, what shape is that guy?
Momma: I'd say that super fast guy is a rectangle
Hunter: A rectangle?
Momma: Yes, because he is tall and thin like a rectangle
Hunter: Oh, a rectangle...yeah!
Time passes and the guy laps us again
Hunter: He's a good shape...he's a rectangle!

**A little misunderstanding- but always something fun to laugh about!**


The Barker Clan said...

I love to read your blog! It is great entertainment in the middle of the day:) We miss you and will be excited when you come to visit. Hope all is going well in the "college housing" and we hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Chad, Shannon and the boys said...

That's funny. Good stuff.