Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Part II

We began our Halloween Day by leaving our house around 10:10 am to go to a nursing home to do some indoor trick or treating. As you can see below....we are glad it was
Trick or Treating
(yes, that is -7)

We had a lot of fun at the nursing home. It was a little confusing though because I had told Hunter that he needed to wait for people to hand him the candy, however I forgot that a lot of the elderly aren't able to pick up small items. So, they just had bowls of candy sitting in front of them and the kids were just supposed to reach in.
The old folks had a lot of fun seeing all of the cute kids in costume, and were so sweet and smiley. I'm glad we were able to help them have a fun day. It was also good to have Hunter exposed to something different than he is used to.

After lunch and nap time we just hung out around the house and played and colored Halloween pictures. Soon enough it was time to get our traditional Halloween dinner started.....

Dinner In A Pumpkin

It was delicious! And crawling with creepy things :) I decorated the table with orange plates, purple forks, creepy crawlies, candy corns , black cups, and the cutest skeleton straws from the dollar store!

Dinner was a hit! The kids loved the straws...I hope I can find some more next year.

Then it was time to go out into the cold for some outdoor trick or treating. It wasn't as cold as it was in the morning, now it was up to +2 degrees, and then down again to 0 by the time we were done having fun.

We started knocking on doors together as a family, but Chance and I were frozen after 4 doors, so we drove the Jeep around and followed Kelly and Hunter. Hunter would do four doors and then come get blasted by the car heater, and then do that again about 3 times. He was a trooper! Can you tell that candy is a pretty big motivator???

This is as photogenic as I could get Chance to be in his costume

This was Hunter, a little cold and tattered after being frozen for too long.

This is our Haul!

Chancey stickered himself with a bat

And this is what we all looked like and felt like after we got our fill of goodies!

We had a fun Halloween 2008- can't wait to see what next year brings!


dustemhenderson said...

Okay, so I've been reading your blogs and I've decided to give you the title "Super Mom!" What lucky boys to have such a fun mom with creative ideas and the energy to actually carry them out!

Momma McGee said...

I wouldn't get too carried away! I think just photographing/journaling everyday life makes it seem grand. As Andrew gets older and sleeps through the night, it will get easier to be creative. Hint **Family Fun Magazine is full of great ideas and they have a website too.

Bobbi Phillips said...

Looks like you and the boys had an awesome Halloween. Can't wait til Kinzi gets older and when she starts getting excited for the holidays. I agree with the first are "super mom" your boys are very lucky...if I only had time to decorate. This year I totally missed it. Hopefully I will be able to dig the Christmas decorations out of storage and get the house all festive.

The Barker Clan said...

You are always so modest! You are amazing and so creative. My kids were lucky they had a Halloween costume and that we even did any Halloween crafts. Thank you so much for the card and pictures. The boys were so excited to get pictures of their cousins.

James and Chelsea said...

That looks so fun!! We totally had dinner in a pumpkin too!! James was very happy about that and so was Ben in fact. I wish you could have been here with us! Hey, but it is what like 8 months and counting!!

Isaac and Adelle said...

What is "Dinner in a Pumpkin"? Maybe you need to send me a recipe?