Sunday, October 26, 2008

Butter Boy

I should have known better, but I guess I forgot.... I saw a yummy recipe on someone else's blog for soft sugar cookies, I thought I would give it a shot. So, I got the cookies made and chilled while the boys were napping, and I took the butter out for the frosting to soften. When the boys woke up we played for awhile, and then I noticed Hunter was gone in the other room for a little while. I said, "Hunter McGee....paging Hunter McGee, we are now about ready to cut out and bake Halloween cookies. Where are you Hunter McGee?" By this time I walked around the corner and guess what I saw?

The Butter Boy!

I could NOT believe my eyes, and neither could my stomach..ughhhh!

So, I told Hunter just to stand still and continue on his eating while I ran and got my camera. Happily he stood there and kept on eating his buttery treat.

I really, really, should have known better because it has happened before. One time in Bethel I was making Father's Day Dinner for Kelly, and I was missing half of a stick of butter. I was sure I hadn't used it yet, but the wrapper was sitting there. I don't have the greatest short term memory, so I was trying to remember what I could have used it for. About that time, I went around the corner to get a drink of water and who was sitting there eating butter like an apple???

The Butter Boy!
You've got to love the bite marks and the thumb prints on the soft butter :)

Well, as disgusting as it is, it is still funny. But, note to self...put the butter up high, where
The Butter Boy!
can't go, so I don't see THIS again!

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The Barker Clan said...

How is he not sick from the butter and the car?! What a cutie! The boys really had fun with him while you were here. They really enjoyed talking to him on the phone,also. Love you and thanks for keeping me entertained throughout my week!