Monday, October 6, 2008

Where Did This Come From????

So, we went to Fred Meyer's late one night on our way back from returning a rental car. It was late, and the boys were being pretty goofy. Hunter was especially silly saying that he "needed" all sorts of things anywhere from toothpaste, to big tall women's boots, to baby outfits. He knew he was being silly so we all laughed along.
Well, when we got up to pay for our stuff we found a pair of girls Converse sneakers and we said, "Where did these come from?" We asked Hunter and sure enough, he had put them in the cart. I don't even recall being by the tennis shoes, but he found them somewhere. The checker
continues scanning items and next we see some pistachio Jell-o pudding and Kelly and I looked at each other and laughed. I don't mind pistachio pudding, so we kept it. We looked at Hunter and asked about it. And he said, "Yeah, I like that kind!" Funny kid! So we left the store, came home and put the boys in bed. It wasn't until the next morning that we were unloading the rest of the non-perishable groceries when I found Hunter's other purchase. It was another box of pudding, this time it was the big box of Chocolate Mint Chip. I brought the box out into the living room and showed it to him with a questioned look on my face, and
Hunter smiled and said, "Yeah, I like that kind too Mama!." I told him okay, but that he really wasn't supposed to put things in the cart without asking us first. The funny part of the story is that Hunter doesn't even like pudding- he really dislikes things with slimy or gooey textures, but we made him eat it anyway. He likes the idea of liking pudding, so he didn't put up a fight until after he gagged down two or three bites of the stuff. I didn't make him eat it all, but most of it got used anyhow. (See pictures below!)

A Nice Little Goatee For Hunter

Chance Enjoyed His Too

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Lindsey said...

That is too funny. Sneaky little guy! He should have at least picked something he liked!