Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let the Halloween Fun Begin!

Sunday evening we decided we would carve our pumpkins that the boys had waited so patiently for. We started off with a little pre-carving meal of scrambled eggs and sausage and some delicious apple/cherry juice.

I love this picture of Hunter saying, "HUH"?

We decided to split up in to teams.

Team Momma and Chancey

Team Daddy and Hunter

Hunter was a little leery of picking out the "Guts" and "Seeds". It took some persuasion and talking into.

Chancey as usual just wanted to EAT whatever it was inside of the pumpkin

The Pumpkin Master hard at work

The Final Products
Team Daddy and Hunter on left/Team Mommy and Chance on right
(The lights were off in this picture...too bad the mess showed up!)

That was A LOT of fun!!

Chancey got a little SPOOKY while the lights were off.
He loves to say BOO!

Because we live in an extended stay hotel type place we couldn't keep our jack o' lanterns outside. So, they stayed inside. I don't think they are meant to stay inside a warm place. So within a day, this is what they turned into.

Yucky! Moldy! Mushy! Messy!
After just one day!

Our ward had their Harvest Festival/Halloween Carnival on Wednesday, so we put on our costumes, and had a lot of fun! They had a beanbag toss, a straw walk, a mummy wrap, a face painting station, spooky spider making, spider fishing, nachos, and a trick or treat walk around the doors of the building to get the treats.

My cute little tiger.
(He says he is a mean tiger...what do you think?)

It makes a Momma's day to know that she made a little guy happy with a fun Halloween costume.

My cute little Puppy! He had the "Woof, Woof" down!

Hunter had a Batman painted on his forehead

The straw walk. Hunter had a hard time figuring this one out.
You couldn't hear the music, so he didn't know what was going on.

Daddy and Puppy

Well, this just starts the fun of Halloween. Friday we should have lots more fun, and Saturday we should have more fun doing our Family Halloween Party.
(Due to lack of friends to come over for a friend party. )


Los Briners said...

How fun! Your boys are so cute :) Elidh loves to look at your blog and yell out Hunter! Chance! Glad you had a Happy Halloween!

Chad, Shannon and the boys said...

I don't know the Kobialka's. How do you guys know them? I'll have to steal their 102 prop picture. That's great! Looks like you had a great Halloween!

Momma McGee said...


I don't know them, but I saw her blog on someone else's blog, and then I noticed that they lived close to you.

Chad, Shannon and the boys said...

That pumpkin is gross...ours get the same way really fast here. When we carve them we usually have to throw them away after a day or two.