Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mom- I made an "H"

Hunter is so proud of himself, that he can "brand" anything and everything with the letter "H". He loves making his mark on paper.... usually. Yesterday, he tried to brand something different though.
I was loading Chance into the car and I look over and see Hunter licking, Yes LICKING, the car. I told him to stop because it was gross and there are lots of germy bugs on cars. He stopped- it was GOOD that he listened! As I shut Chance's door and went to help Hunter to his side of the Jeep, he said, "Look Mom...I made an "H"!" Well, what he should have said was, "Look Mom...I LICKED an "H"!" All I could do is laugh and vomit! (I really didn't do the latter). I told him once again that he should not lick the car, that it will make him very, very sick. What else can you do??? Life as a mother :)

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