Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Fun Evening At Ivy Wild Park and Pool

I thought it would be fun to have a little get together with all of the cousins at Ivy Wild park in Boise. I guess a part of me feels bad that my boys don't get to have a close cousin bond because we live so far away from everyone. So, I planned a fun "Extended Family Picnic and Swimming Party".

We had Hoagie sandwiches and everyone brought some food item such as drinks, chips, cupcakes, watermelon, salads etc... The food was yummy and it was fun to sit on our picnic blankets and visit with everyone.

We had a pretty good turn out. Grandpa and Gee Gee came for the picnic, Grandma and Grandpa Joe, Christy, Andy, Jay, Emily, Nikolai, Aleksi, Ben, Jamie, Elidh, James, Chelsea, Becky, Dave, Arielle, Tessa, Seth, and then our little family. Unfortunately Mike, Lindsey, Addi, Mackenzie, Shawn, Troy, Avery, Kimberly, Caleb, Trenton, Gavin and Addi #2 weren't able to make it...we missed them.

I love Ivy Wild pool, it is pretty inexpensive to get into and then it has a really fun kids area, and then also a deep pool and a waterslide. (The slide reminds me of the Wildwaters slide it was so much fun!) I think everyone had a good time and we can't wait to do it again.

Kelly and Chance
(Chance isn't a big fan of the sun shining in his eyes)


Grandpa Joe and Hunter playing

Kelly and Hunter going down the slide again, and again!

Chelsea and Elidh

Dave and Becky

Grandpa Joe and Chance

James and Chelsea

Tessa, Becky, and Arielle

Grandma Lillian and Hunter practicing "The Float"

Ben and Andy
(and some random guy)

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Katie Bell said...

I'm so glad you blog, have I mentioned that. That looks like it was a ton of fun.