Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh Where Oh Where Could All Our Stuff Be???

We had noticed one evening that Chance was taking excessive trips to the kitchen area with different things. Lots of toys were taken, shoes, books, trash etc..... He must not be fond of things on the floor, maybe he misses the organization that we had in Bethel where all of the toys went in the "Toy Cupboard".
After a while of him taking all of these back and forth trips from the living room to the kitchen we decided to follow him. He hadn't made a pile of stuff on the floor, he put it away. Apparently he found a "Toy Cupboard" for himself in Fairbanks as well. This guy is kind of a sneaky one. We have to watch for things going in the trash as well as things being taken out of the trash. Whenever Hunter is looking for a toy, I now tell him to go look in Chance's "Toy Cupboard"."Hmmm...What do I have room for in here?"

"Here's the perfect spot for Daddy's shoe!"


Brandon and Hayley gordon said...

Yeah! you have a blog! Welcome Welcome Welcome! now we can keep tabs on our favorites in Alaska!

dustemhenderson said...

Hey--cute blog. You gotta love little boys and the "fun" they add to life. Our blog is

Tara said...

Hey Tammy,
Nice to see you in the blogging world! What are you doing in Faribanks? Cute kids!!!