Thursday, April 9, 2009

All I Could Do Was Laugh

So, needless to say it has been a rough COUPLE of weeks. Ever since March 21st the kids and I have been rotating turns being sick. Bad colds, coughing, sore throats, and Chancey even had a turn having a pretty bad case of "yucky diaper syndrome" and it WAS YUCKY!! Unfortunately for me, last week I got to deal with sick "homebound" children by myself, which is hard. Kelly is back now which makes it nice, but now both boys are runny/stuffy nose with cough, and he of course is working a 40 hour week. Anyway, if you are a mom you've been there done that.

So, I am already feeling crazy being cooped up and then being coughed on a snot wiped on my clothes etc... is making it even worse. It is all I can do to stay in the house :) So, we were eating lunch and afterward we had an "indoor s'more" Hunter ended up with "chocolate goatee" on his face. It actually looked pretty funny, but I got him a paper towel and told him to wipe it off. I was cleaning up and Hunter went into the bathroom. I had assumed that he wiped it off already and was just going to go potty. I was wrong! He went into the bathroom and got the cream colored hand towel soaking wet and wiped the chocolate goatee off. He came out and said, "Mom look at my face, it is clean...I wiped it on the towel!" Anyway, I feel like I should be on the Laughing Cow Cheese commercial saying, "Have You Laughed Today?" It is a good thing to be patient and have a sense of humor if you are going to be a stay at home mom.


Katie Bell said...

It's hard when your kids are sick and all you want to do is get out of the house and do something and the only thing you can do is stay at home. Yuck.

The Barker Clan said...

It will all be over soon, the weather will be nice, and you will be able to go out and not feel so cooped up! It is hard staying home, and I really can't even stay home. I do not envy you, but just remember you are a great mom and your kids are so lucky to have you home with them every day. I am always home if ever you want to talk! I love you! (You should go and have a Subway sandwich and enjoy an afternoon out :)

Sarah Buma said...

Laughter is the best medicine! I have a friend who swears that we just live with our germs if we don't get ventilation. She was telling me about relatives in Germany that no matter how cold, they open their windows every single day. In the winter, only for about 5 minutes. Sounds rough on a heating bill, but worth a try. So, now that it's warmer, put on a sweater, and crack a window and air out that place! Last week I tried it with my car. I'd vacuumed it, but it still just stunk. I cleaned all the carpets, and it still stunk. Not like rotten milk or anything nasty, just not "clean". So I tried my friend's trick. I opened up the trunk and all the doors and left them open for several hours. The stink is gone. Sunshine and fresh air is good for us, and it's good for our environments too. :)

Okay are you a sandwich person? Mmmmmm--sandwiches are the most important food in my world. We should totally have lunch at Gullivers sometime. I've never eaten there. But I went upstairs to their used books and they have a little deli, that I decided right then and there that I'd HAVE TO try a sandwich-o! Maybe have some Laughing Cow "fancy cheeses" (As Maren calls them) on the side. It's a date! Be well McGees!