Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pardon me, while I blow my nose

Chancey was the ringleader of this little sheenanagan. We had been sick with runny/stuffy noses and so Chance knew what needed to be done when he had
"booger nose" he went and got himself just a little bit of toilet paper to get the job done.

"I might just be needing a little extra to get the job done right."
This is ALMOST enough.
Wipe, wipe! "Chance what a great idea you had!"
Now, you might be asking yourself what kind of a mother I am that I didn't catch Chance dragging toilet paper before it was EVERYWHERE. My answer would be that I was in the kitchen preparing a delicious, nutritious, and tasty meal!! When I turned around to go set the table I saw the culprit in the act. Crazy Monkey's!!!

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