Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun

It was so much fun to have both boys interested in Easter this year. Chance thought the boiled eggs were fun and mostly wanted to break them, and throw them.

Dying eggs is fun, but a little scary on a wiggly "card" table.

Look how happy this activity made my boys!

Great Fun!!

We kept the eggs pretty simple. The boys colored on a few with the clear crayons, but I love the beautiful colors.

Easter morning was pretty fun. The boys woke up and came in our room and we all snuggled in our bed for 15 minutes or so. It gave us time to talk about the real meaning of Easter and Hunter just took it all right in. It was very sweet!
Then, we dove right into the HUNT!
Chance knew right what to do from some "practice runs" from earlier in the week.

Now, that is what I call a FULL basket...HOW EXCITING!!

Chancey stopped to have lots of tastes :)
(Don't mind the bruise in between his eyes, we think he bonked his head on his bed in the night)

The neighbor Easter Bunny left baskets outside the door too. It had a kite, coloring book, and candy for each of them. It was sweet of them.
The Sweet Fest

This is GREAT!

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The Barker Clan said...

What a fun Easter! We didn't do anything. My poor kids missed out on coloring eggs, Easter baskets, and all that. I am glad we will be able to see you soon!