Friday, April 24, 2009

First Trip to the Dentist and PB&J

It was a big day for Hunter on April 23rd!
I had called a dentist on the 22nd to see if I could get Hunter into see someone because he has kind of a crazy cross bite, and I thought a boy who is almost 4 should have his teeth cleaned and checked out. Anyway, they had a cancellation and so they got us an appointment for the next morning. So, I quickly started prepping Hunter for his visit. He had LOTS of questions, such as what does he look like, what will they do, what will he ask me??? So ALL day long we talked about our trip to the dentist! Then at bedtime Hunter decided he really needed to know what he should talk to the dentist about- so we got some ideas for questions he could ask Dr. Tanner. Right before we tucked Hunter in, I found him at the computer desk with a color crayon. I thought maybe he was doing something sneaky, but he was just drawing a picture of Dr. Tanner to give to him at the visit. It was cute!
Once Hunter was in bed he kept getting out...I think he was excited and anxious about his appointment.
WE got up in the morning, got ready and out the door by 8:30. We showed up at the office, filled out the paper work, played with toys and looked at the giant fish and fake turtles in the fish tank. It was "awesome"!
Then Carol, the hygienist called us in....
She was very good at explaining what she was doing, and Hunter was VERY good at cooperating.
She was even able to get bitewing x-rays and Hunter thought the camera was cool that could take pictures of his teeth. The only thing that Hunter didn't like was the saliva sucker a.k.a
Mr. Thirsty (what the hygienist called it) Hunter would say, "No thank you" every time Carol tried to say that Mr. Thirsty needed to get a drink. It was pretty funny!

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

All clean and everything looks good!
Dr. Tanner and Hunter
The Dr. said that the crazy cross-bite will probably work itself out. And then Hunter also has two teeth fused together on the bottom, so Dr. Tanner did a panoramic x-ray so he could see what the permanent teeth below them were doing, well....he is missing one of them! Strange, I know! But, there won't be a gap just 3 teeth inbetween the canine teeth instead of 4.
The visit ended with a truck out of the treasure chest, a new toothbrush, some dinosaur flossers, special kid toothpaste, and a cute bag to put them all in.
Hunter was so good that he got the $5 bribe that Dad promised!!

After we got home from the dentist we had a lady come over from a kids program that Hunter is part of and she taught Hunter to make a PB&J sandwich. It was fun! He wrote the recipe down with her and then did his thing.
A little Peanut Butter

A little strawberry jam

And Waa Lah! Delish!

What a fun day!
It even got better when we made cookies and took them to dad and his co-workers in the pharmacy just because we LOVE him!!


Sarah Buma said...

Just like you to make simple things FUN! :)

The Barker Clan said...

Hunter is such a big boy!!! He is such a character, and again, we are so excited that you guys are coming soon. What is the program that Hunter is in?

Trenton & Maren said...

It's fun to hear you do the cookie thing too. My kids love to take cookies to their Dad at the pharmacy. That is great Hunter did so well at the dentist. Jace will probably go this summer as well. Fun fun!