Wednesday, April 15, 2009


When I was a little guy I loved playing "Army" with friends, cousins, or anyone who would humor me. I have a lot of fun memories making believe that I was saving the free world from tyranny. I think that my sons have the same genes for imagination and love of country. I myself was not in the military. I applied for a commission as a Navy pharmacist in 2003. They had seven openings nationwide. I was selected as the second alternate. Everyone that they offered the commission to accepted it. I was heartbroken. Things have worked out and I have been able to have an alaskan adventure instead.

I decided to take advantage of a skill that my wife possesses. She likes to sew. This is definitely a skill that is being lost/forgotten in our day. I was at Joann fabric with her one day. While she was sorting through frills, fabric, feathers and whatever other stuff they have there, I found some digital camo that the marines use for their uniforms. I begged my wife to make some Marine fatigues for my sons. I would have loved that as a little guy. My cousin cam and I pirated some of my Dad's old army fatigues a couple of times, but to have your own tailored fatigues.......Well my boys are pretty lucky. We got some patches and some buttons and a few things and they turned out awesome.

The military spit and shine is most definitely the officers. Hunter is no exception. Here he is with his 1st lieutenant outfit complete with silver rank insignia. His steel pot also has 1 silver bar for quick ID on the battlefield that he is in charge. Hunter likes to be reminded that he is the one in charge. He likes to march around the house and show everyone how a marine likes to march. "HupHup two three four!"



There is no gentleman in this officer at the moment. He is ready to lead his troops to victory! Lead from the front is his motto!


The officers may be the spit and polish in the military, but it is the NCOs that make the machine run smoothly and efficiently. The blood and guts of every operation, they make it happen. They are in the trenches where the metal meets the meat. Our "Sarge" is no different!
Full of piss and vinegar, he is someone you don't want to mess with! He gets the job done!
Notice the 3 stripes that command the attention of all enlisted men within the sound of his bellowing roar!

It is nice to know that when the crap hits the fan you have the sarge out keeping it all under control. Chancey is deadly with his trusted sidearm. You had better do what he says or he'll bust you to private!

Let me see your "WAR FACE"!

Hunter displays his best Marine fighting spirit.

No Marine is truly complete without some sort of tough guy TATOO.

Hunter has the sting of a bee!

Now this leatherneck is complete!


Katie Bell said...

There are just some things that little girls can't pull military faces. Tammy, those outfits are super. I'm a little jealous actually. Those boys are pretty fortunate.

The Barker Clan said...

It took me a minute to figure out Kelly was posting! I thought it odd that I didn't know Tammy liked to play army with her friends :) What a great thing those boys are going to remember doing with their dad. Kelly you are a great dad and those boys are lucky to have both of you! Great job on the outfits!