Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Picaso's

One of our favorite activities is to color. We don't do it everyday, but atleast a few times a week. Chancey really "gets into" it.
The master of artwork contemplating his design both on paper and body.

"Look, it is like camoflauge!"
Can anyone see Chancey's arm?? Where did it go?

You might think we spent a lot of money on this beautiful artwork.
It is a FINE collection of faces after all.
But you are WRONG!!

All of our "Faces" collection was created by this young artist.
And yes, he enjoys wearing his Dad's head lamp as he creates.
A little extra light does always help.


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The Barker Clan said...

The way you write is great! Your kids, once again, are adorable! I took some of the boys' pictures and put them in a frame with a mat and they are the best art work we have! That frame you sent Joe for his b-day was so cute!